How Does TEXTtrac Work?

Retrieving pet and owner details using SMS, via the TEXTtrac service, is very straight forward.

Once you have registered for the service with the PETtrac Database, simply create a new message and enter the MicroChip number.

This message is then sent to the automated server which checks the MicroChip and mobile phone details. When TEXTtrac successfully authenticates your request for information, via your mobile phone number, a message is returned with the pet and owner details.


When Is It Available?

Just like the UK PETtrac Database, TEXTtrac is available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

TEXTtrac is an entirely automated process handled by our servers, so you are guaranteed a reply within 15 seconds at the cost of nothing more than a standard rate text message.

(This service is subject to your mobile phone network and signal strength).

What if it's not registered on the UK PETtrac Database?

If the MicroChip is not registered on the UK PETtrac Database, you will be sent a message with further information on how to contact the appropriate MicroChip database. Simple as that!